Moose Head Gourmet Kettle Corn & Popcorn
The Moose Head Story


Once upon a time....

My name is Carol MacDowall and my husband Jack and I loooooove kettle corn.  I first experienced it at the Fryeburg Fair in Maine when I was a little girl.  I found it again recently on a trip to New Orleans with my husband several years ago.

Ever since then, we had been searching for that sweet and salty treat, with mixed results.  It wasn't sweet enough or salty enough or fresh enough. We would grumble to ourselves, "We could do better."  So we finally decided to put our money where our mouth was(literally)! We researched different varieties of corns, oils, and seasonings - put our years of food service background to good use.  After several months, we were finally ready to premier(drumroll please) MOOSE HEAD KETTLE CORN!!

Do you like the name?  It's a tribute to my home state of Maine.  Also, it's a family joke about my baby sister, who was once chased by a moose.  Yes, I said chased....but that's another story.

We think we make the best kettle corn on the planet!  We work really hard at it!  Only the freshest ingredients are used. We are now popping over three dozen flavors of gourmet kettle corns & popcorns.  Whether you order some from our website or stop by to pick up a bag at one of our festivals, we are sure you are going to love our corn as much as we do!

Moose Head Kettle Corn at the Grand Ole Opry!